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What To Do After 12th? Which Subjects Would be Right to take after Higher Secondary Exam?- HS Students Must Read It

What To Do After HS Exam?-Most Important Decision     

What To Do After 12th? Which Subjects Would be Right to take after Higher Secondary Exam?- HS Students Must Read It

    Decision, It is important to make the right decision at the right time, whether it is small or big for everyone. After passing the HS well on that subject, they have to make the next important decision in their life. 

    Dear Hs Students, Welcome to my Blog. Today, we are going to discuss what matters or should one do after hs exam. If you are having any such problem then this article will definitely help you.

    What To Do After 12th or HS-No One To Guide 

    There is no headache in our career in education till our secondary. But when we passed the Higher Secondary exam, From then on we have to think about our career. The students of today’s age spend the school life properly but can not decide what to take after passing HS. All the students have no one to guide them on that topic. 

    A small number of students have anyone in their family who can guide them a lot in this time. If someone in their family is knowledgeable, they decide what to study after HS. Some students proceed with commerce subject after secondary and some go on with science subject and others go on with arts subject. So for this they have to choose any course based on those topics and their interests And make your own career. 

    Which Subjects Would be Right to take after Higher Secondary Exam?

    Now we all know that up to 10 classes we have to study all the subjects. Then we have to read the subject as a career. For example, if you want to become an engineer or a doctor, you have to study science. And if you want to a job in a bank or become an accountant then you have to study commerce. And if you want to be a political person or a lawyer, then you should study arts in classes 11 and 12. 

    But even after passing the HS Exam, it is very important to you to decide what to read about next. You should read about something that interests you. If you read my article today, you will get a full idea of ​​this issue. So let’s know what to take science or commerce or arts after passing the HS Exam. 

    After HS – Based On  Your Previous Subject 

    After passing HS from school, you have to choose the next subject based on your previous subject. So that you do not have any problems in creating your own career.

    If you are an Arts student then after Hs you must study next to one of your favorite book in arts subjects. As a result, you can easily become a lawyer or a political person.

    But if you are an Science student then after Hs you must study next to one of your favorite book in Science subjects. This will allow you to easily build your future by taking engineering or doctor courses very easily.

    And if you are an Commerce student then after HS you must study next to one of your favorite subject in Commerce subjects. This will facilitate your reading. As a result, those of you who want to work in the bank can easily go down that work.

    Then let us know what we need to do after complete reading this three subjects. 

    What Do You Do After The Twelve Arts Subject? 

    What To Do After 12th? Which Subjects Would be Right to take after Higher Secondary Exam?- HS Students Must Read It
    First of all, what do you do after the twelve arts subject? After Higher Secondary Exam, we have a lot of thoughts on the arts subject. We have questions like what should we do next, what to do next with the arts, what option will be right for us.  This kind of confusion is in the mind of every student studying Arts after HS Exam. Because making the right career is the right decision, and making the right decision is the key to success. Keep one thing in mind, always make decisions that interest you and are fun to read.  As a result, you will always have the confidence to make that decision successful. Only then can you be a successful person.

    Best Options In Arts Subject

    BA- Bachelors Of Arts    After you finish studying Arts in Twelve Classes, you have many options that you can choose to build your career.  After 12 classes, complete BA course in Arts. If you want to study Arts more, you can complete 
    BA in Arts in College.  BA means Bachelors Of Arts.  In college you can complete the Graduate by honors-masters with your preferred Subject.  Then you can apply for a job at any good company.

    Mass-Communication or Journalism Next one,  you can go to Mass-Communication or Journalism after passing HS with Arts and create your own Career.  If any of you are interested in Mass Communication or Journalism, then you must be able to build your own future with these.  After doing this you will be able to get a good job and later it will be a good option for you. Know More Here

    LAW Then if any of you want to become an advocate, you can study with LAW after passing an HS in Arts. You can easily complete the Honors Masters on Political Science and choose this option.

    Bachelor of Social Worker The next option is a Bachelor of Social Worker. If any of you want to become a social worker, you can complete Graduation in the Bachelor of Social Worker.

    SSC Exam The number three option is to give Govt Exams after HS. If you do not want to study after HS and want to do a good government job, so you can get a good job  after SSC Exam. After HS Exam you can get a good job after completing this SSC Exam with this SSC Exam preparation. 

    What Do You Do After The Twelve Commerce Subject?

    What To Do After 12th? Which Subjects Would be Right to take after Higher Secondary Exam?- HS Students Must Read It

    Now let us talk about what should be done for students taking commerce subject after HS Exam. Commerce subject is one of the options for creating a career. If you have a commerce subject in the 12 classes, then you have many options for building your career. 

    Accounting/ Banking/ CA After passing the HS exam with Commerce Subject, you can complete various courses to create your career such as Accounting, Banking, CA & also apply for B.Com. After completing 12 class with Commerce subject, you can apply for these courses and be able to study next with these options. 

    B.Com After 12th class you can complete B.Com. After giving HS exam, you can apply for B.Com in any college. If you want to read more with your commerce subject, then you can apply for B.Com in any college. B.Com means Bachelor of Commerce. This course is actually 3 years. After completing 3 years with commerce, you will graduated and then apply for your job in a good company. 

    BBI The next option is that you can apply for a job in banking and insurance company. After completing your 12th grade with Commerce, you can apply to Bachelor in Banking & Insurance. Where you will be taught everything related to banking or insurance. As a result, you will be able to get a job in a bank or insurance company very easily in the future. 

    CA The number three option I will talk about is that after studying about commerce in class 12, you can apply for CA. CA means a Chartered Accountant. After you study Commerce, you can become a Perfect CA by completing this. And here you can get a good amount of salary. This CA course is very popular and most Commerce students choose this course for their career.

    Company Secretary The number four option is that you can apply for a Company Secretary. If any of you have dreams of working for a secretary in a large company, then you can go for this course after 12. After complete this course, here you can build your career. You will get a good amount of salary in this job. 

    BBA The next option is the Bachelor of Business Administration, which means BBA. If you want to create your own business and have already dreamed of doing any of your own business then you can apply for this BBA Course. And it could be a great option for you. 

    BMS Bachelor of Management Studies means BMS, you can choose this in fifth option. This course is very better after 12th. After completing this course, you can apply for a job in big companies and can also make a good career. 

    Last option of commerce If you do not want to study after 12th class, then you can do a government job by giving SSC exam. Just like the arts, you can get a government job with this kind of exams even after doing Commerce. 

    What Do You Do After The Twelve Science Subject?

    What To Do After 12th? Which Subjects Would be Right to take after Higher Secondary Exam?- HS Students Must Read It

    Let us now know that those who have taken the science in HS in which option should go after HS. We all know that science is a difficult subject and Science is taken by one, who gets good marks on secondary exam and is very focused on study.

    Since this subject is difficult, students studying this subject often take part in an engineer or doctor’s course. Then, after completing the course, he dreams of becoming a famous doctor or engineer. There are also good courses in this field that will complement your career. You can apply for this course after passing the HS Exam with these Subjects and fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor or engineer. 

    B.Tech After completing the HS exam with Science, you can choose B.Tech. If you want to become a Computer Engineer, Mechanical Engineer or Civil Engineer after you pass the science in HS exam, then you need to apply for B.Tech. For this you have to take entrance exam or you can get admission directly from elsewhere. 

    PMT The next option is PMT, which means Premedical Test. If you have a Life Science in Twelve Classes and you want to become a Doctor, you can apply for PMT after HS-Exam. 

    B.Sc The number three option is B.Sc. B.Sc means Bachelor of Science. If you want to read more about science, means you want to Graduation  then you can apply for B.Sc in any college. 

    NDA The fourth option is NDA after 12’th. NDA means National Defence Academy. If you want to do NDA after HS Exam then you can do so and as a result you can apply for Navy, Air Forces, Air Hostess or Army Forces etc. This is also a very good option. 

    Choice Is Yours Interest 

    You can do the courses mentioned in this article after giving the HS Exam. I would like to give you a tip that you can build a career in any field whether it is a student of arts and a student of commerce or a student of science. All this subject is best on itway and it is nothing less than anyone. Always do or choice the thing that has your own interest. 

    Never Try to Force Ownself

    Don’t try to force anything. Then the loss will be your ownself. Do not try to force a course on one’s own will or unwillingness.  It will only waste your time or nothing else. So always do what you want your mind to do. Whether it is difficult or easy, your interest will lead it to success. 


    In this whole article, I told you that after the HS Exam in 12’th, In which course you can go. And gave you some information about those courses. Hopefully after reading this article you will have all the ideas in this regard.

    I hope this article is helpful for you and if you feel like helping after reading this article then definitely share it with your classmates. If I missed or misinterpreted this entire article, please comment below and I’ll definitely try to fix it. 

    Thank You & All The Best All HS Students

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