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What is Mass Communication? Full Information Here Explained In Depth

Introduction Of Mass Communication 

What is Mass Communication? Full Information Here Explained In Depth

    There was a time when the name of the Mass Communication was unknown to anyone. But Now the era has changed a lot. This name is very popular today. The name of this Mass Communication is not unknown to most people today’ generation. In today’s age, most people know the meaning of the term Mass Communication and have some understanding of it. 

    This article will definitely help you if you want to get the complete information and explanation of this Mass Communication. In this article I will discuss the complete explanation of Mass Communication and the various courses involved.   
    You will find many interesting information about this Mass Communication Course in my article. 

    Hello friends, I welcome you all to this site.  Now let us know the full details about this Mass Communication topic.

    What Is Mass Communication ? 

    First of all let us know what this Mass Communication means. Mass Communication is a means by which a person or a company exposes the their message to a larger organization. For this, they use a communication channel. These communication channels are Broadcast TV channels, Radio, media partners, print media and social media etc.

    Mass Communication- In Short Terms

    In simple terms, Mass means the peoples, by which our messages are conveyed to the people, calls Mass Communication. And the present era is the digital age. So there is a lot of mass communication media. There are applications, different platforms, websites, social media and YouTube that make this mass communication more convenient. 
    What is Mass Communication? Full Information Here Explained In Depth

    Examples of this mass communication are Advertising, Public Relations, Politics, Radio Partners, etc. 

    Difference Between Journalism & Mass Communication

    As far as it is known, journalism and mass communication are all considered the same. Where there are many differences between the two. Mass communication and journalism both have two sides of the same coin. Mass Communication has a much wider scope than journalism. So if mass communication is a tree then journalism is a branch. In Mass Communication, one person or one Organization has to deal together with a large group. Journalism, on the other hand, only works around Journalist or News. 

    What Includes In Mass Communication & Journalism

    Mass Communication includes Radio, TV, Film Directions, Production, Event Management, Public Relations and Advertising. Where there are things like Reporting, Publishing and Editing in journalism. If you want to become Mass Communication and Media Professionals, then it is very important to have these all skills inside you. 

    What kind of Skills do I need to be in Mass Communication?

    What is Mass Communication? Full Information Here Explained In Depth

    If you want to be a mass communicator and professional, you need to have many skills, then you can win a lot and succeed in life. Creativity, Good Communication Skills, Confidence, Critical Thinking, Command on Language, Writing Ability, Networking Skills, Research Skills, Observation skills or Problem Solving Skills.It is very important to have all these skills to be a Communications professional.

    Mass Communications Courses Details 

    After discussing the Skills involved with Mass Communication and Media Professionals, the next discussion is about the courses involved with Mass Communication & Professional. 

    If you like talking to people and having interest about this, And also your interest is to make a career in media related jobs and creative field then you can try this courses. Then you can take undergraduate or postgraduate courses in Mass Communication. And you can make your own career by blending your interest according to knowledge and skill. 

    Now we are going to discuss all the important courses involved in Mass Communication. 
    • Diploma in journalism and Mass Communication Diploma

    • BJMC means Bachelor of journalism and Mass Communication

    • BJ means Bachelor of journalism

    • BMC means Bachelor of Mass Communication

    • MJMC means master of journalism and Mass Communication

    • MJ means master of journalism

    • MMC means master of Mass Communication

    • PG diploma in Mass Communication 

    • PG certificate course in Hindi Journalism 

    • PG diploma in Hindi Journalism 

    • PHD in Mass Communication

    You can do all these types of courses. 

    Mass Communication Eligibility and Criterion

    Talking about eligibility and criterion, if you want to do a Diploma in mass communication subject. So if you want to do a diploma in Mass Communication, then you have to bring a certificate of HS pass from a Recognised Institute. And to get a Diploma(UG/PG) in mass communication, you must pass twelve classes. In these courses you will be able to apply only if you are above 50% marks in your 12 class exams.

    Mass Communication Admission Details  

    For maximum, admission in college is given either  married bass or else after passing the entrance exam. That is why I would suggest that if you want to build your career on this road of mass communication, you must pass the 12 exams with a good score. 

    So that you can take admission to your favorite college and you have a good number of admissions for that admission. Next, Graduate Degree and Diploma are very important for Post Graduate Degree or Diploma Courses in Mass Communication.  To do that, the maximum number of 50% should be in the Twelve Classes.

    There are different methods for admission to different universities. Some colleges take admission through married base and there are some colleges where takes admission only after giving entrance exam. After knowing the eligibility and criterion, you will have to prepare to walk in this two methods. 

    India’s Top Best Mass Communication and Media Planners Colleges

    Now we are going to talk about India’s Top Best Mass Communication and Media Planners Colleges. 

    1.Anwar Jamal Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre (New Delhi)

    2.Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (Pune)

    3.Xavier Institute of Communications (Mumbai)

    4.Department of Communication (Hyderabad)

    5.Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media (Bangalore)

    6.School of Communication (Manipal)

    7.Social Communications Media Dept, Sophia, Mumbai (Mumbai)

    8.Manorama School of Communication (Kerala)

    9.Amity School of Communication (Noida)

    10.NSHM Institute of Media & Design (Kolkata) 

    Famous Courses Of Mass Communication and Media Planner

    Now we will know about the famous course of Mass Communication and Media Planner which is Filmmaking, Media Planning, Video Editing, Post Production, Direction, Acting, Visual Communication, Electronic Media (TV/Radio/Online) Camera Handling, Lightening, Anchoring,Reporting  and Print Media. 

    Mass Communication’s Job Profiles In Detailed 

    Dear Friends, You can understood, after you know all about what is fun in the field of mass communication and what jobs you can do with it. I hope you understand the rough information about job profiles in mass communication by reading this article. Let’s talk about some of the mass-related job profiles that include Advertising, Event Management or Public Relations.

    Mass Caution Job Profiles

    Talk about the job related to Mass Caution are Text Writers & Editors, Reporter, Sound Recorder and Mixer, Radio Jockey, Anchoring, Radio Producer, Photo Journalist,  Elastrator, Cartoonist, Public Relation Officer, Blog Writers and Script Writers. 

    Advertising Courses Job Profiles

    Next I will talk about advertising jobs. Client Services Manager, Copywriter, Creative Writer & Director,  Market Research Executive, Media Planner, Director Producer and much more in this profile. 

    Event Management Job Profiles

    Now let’s talk about the event management profile of mass communication. Event Manager, Stage Decorator, Wedding Planner, Logistics Manager and much more are in this Event Planner job profile.

    Public Relations Job Profiles

    After this, let’s talk about PR ie Public Relations Job Profile. It has PR officer account planner account manager PR manager celebrity manager etc. 

    Mass Communication Candidates Hiring Big Companies 

    In ending,  let’s talk about the companies hiring the Mass Communication Candidate. Hindustan Times groups of application, NDTV network, Zee TV Network, Times of India Publication Group, Viacom 18, BBC, TV18 Group, Big Entertainment and much more Companies & Agencies like this. 

    Mass Communication Jobs Salary 

     Finally I am going to talk about the salary of mass communication job. By the way, you can do whatever you want in this mass communication job.  According to your work. You must have an innovative idea. Depending on your work, you will receive salary. As a simple, you can earn 10000 to 20000 comfortably with a small organization. But if your link gets connected to a big company, then you can earn from 30k to 50k in a month. If you can establish yourself in this job, you will not need to count the money here, because you will make money more than your expectations. 
    We have told you all the things related to mass communication in our article, so if any of you want to get into this field and make a career, then definitely choose a right decision for yourself and make your career. 

    All The Best For You

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