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How To Recover Your Quora Account From Temporarily Blocked ?

How To Recover Your Quora Account From Temporarily Blocked ?

Short Introduction Of Quora

    Quora, the name has now made its place in the world of the Internet in such a way that any person chooses this platform for any of his questions and answers.
    This platform is now pervasive in the world of internet. Everyone on this platform has their own questions and their own statements here. 
    In the past, people used to go to more senior people or knowledgeable people to find out the answer to a question. But in this age it has become easier only through this internet.  But this Quora  has made these things even easier. 
    Anyone who comes to this website asks questions here if they have no information about that. Thousands of people create their own accounts here and add any questions here and they can also answer other people’s questions here. In fact, it is like a question and answer game. Here thousands of people are ready to ask you questions and on the other hand thousands of people are ready to answer your questions. 
    Blogging is now the most popular thing in the world of internet. Everyone associated with this blogging platform is very interested in this website and nowadays they are the most users of Quora. 
    In this Quora, they create their own accounts and try to answer the questions related to their blogging topics. I’m not saying that only bloggers create their own accounts on this Quora. 

    Quora – Topics

    In this Quora, different employers create their own accounts and answer their own topic related questions.  Not only do they answer questions here, they can also ask questions if they have questions about unknown information.  
    There are many people in Quora on all types of topics. For example Technical Type, Electronics, Mathematics, Psychological, Science, Geographical, History, Biography, Online Money Earning etc. 
    Hello friends, let’s come to the main topic of today’s article. Friends I am going to discuss in this article about a very big problem of Quora. As you can see in the title “How To Recover Your Quora Account From Temporarily Blocked ?”. 
    In this blogging, you don’t just have to write posts, you have to add those posts to Google Webmaster Tool. Because if you don’t add those posts manually through Webmaster Tools, then it takes time for those posts to be automatically indexed by Google. 

    Importance of Create Backlinks  

    You must create backlinks for each post, otherwise it will be very difficult to rank those posts on google. You must know what backlinks mean. If you don’t know anything about this backlink then click on this link given below and find out the information about the backlink because it is very important to know. 
    Hopefully you can get complete information about backlinks from that article of mine. I have discussed backlinks very briefly there. Let’s get back to our topic. 
    When we create backlinks from another high domain authority site for a post of our own, that post becomes a high authority post in the eyes of Google. As a result of high authority, Google ranks those posts very quickly. Not only this, if a post gets Google’s rank or if you create a backlink from a highway authority site then your post will also start getting good amount of traffic. 

    Quora – Very High Authority Site

    So, all the bloggers who know everything about this backlink want their backlinks to be from any Highway Authority website. Below I am presenting all the information of quora.com website through a screenshot.  After looking at that, you will understand why bloggers use this website more and want to create their backlinks from here. 

    To create this backlink they create their own account on quora.com and find their topic related questions and answer them and create backlinks from there. They make a lot of mistakes when creating these backlinks. This mistake is especially made by those who know nothing about Quora Privacy Policy. 
    When they write an answer to a question to generate their own backlinks from the quora site, they spam it with extra links.  As a result, it violates the quora privacy policy and their accounts are temporarily blocked from answering & posting on quora. 
    Then you are given an email from the Quora, “Quora Moderation blocked you from editing on Quora.”

    You will receive an email from the Quora Team, as shown in the screenshot above. If you have made this small mistake and your account is temporarily blocked, then I will solved it in this article. 
    Step 1- The first thing you need to do is login to your account on quora.com.
    Step 2- Then you need to click on the profile of your account in the right hand corner. 
    Step 3- Then you have to click on the help button at the profile section bar. 

    Step 4- Then you will click on the “report a blog” button written on the top right.

    Step 5- Then you have to select “I want to appeal a moderation decision” from the selection bar there.

    Step 6- Then a form will open on your display, which you need to fill out. 
    Step 7- Then just fill in and click on the submit button, it will reach the quora team. 
    After completing all the steps given above, you don’t have to do anything else. Then you can just wait.  Quora Team will reply you within 24 hours.  If all the details given in your form are correct and Quora takes it correctly, then of course your Quora Account will be fixed.  If your quora account is fixed by quora help team then you will receive an email like this.  

    I don’t know, friends, whether I have been able to give you complete information in this article. You may have got some idea of ​​how to fix your blocked quora account. 
    I hope you like this article of mine and you will find it helpful. If after reading this article you have not solved your problem, you can contact me via email. You can also contact me with the help in the comments below. I will definitely try to solve your problem completely. I’m finishing here today. 
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