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How To Handle Emotional Stress In This Corona Situation?

How To Handle Emotional Stress In This Corona Situation? 

How To Handle Emotional Stress In This Corona Situation?

    Everybody is suffering from anxiety about coronary infection.  That’s normal.  It is from this anxiety that the pressure on the mind is created.  Symptoms of panic, unease, anger, or exhaustion can also occur.  But when facing any danger, we want patience, responsible behavior and courage. 
    How should you respond at this time, how do you give your family and relatives dependence, as well as your responsibility to society? 

    1) Get Advice From Mentally Strong People:

    You should be near to mentally strong people and seek advice from them during this time terrified by the Corona Virus.

    2) Spend Quality Time With Family Without Listening To Rumors, Follow Hygiene:

    Propaganda and rumors are flying through various channels.  Don’t listen to rumors. Spend long time with family.  Live a tidy life. Maintain routine things like sleep, timely meals, light exercise at home.  Eat a balanced and safe diet.  Drink enough water.  Sleep on time, exercise lightly and adhere to the recommended hygiene.  Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs.

    3) Even If Physically Isolated, Take Cares For Everyone:

    Almost enclosed cities may seem intolerable for secession.  So keep in touch with friends and relatives using email, telephone or social media.  Keep looking for each other.  If you need any help with Corona, make an advance plan on how to get help for someone with physical and mental problems.

    4) Rely on trusted information:

    Just rely on the correct information from reliable sources.  Know yourself and keep family members informed about essential and hygiene information that helps reduce the risk of coronary infection. Only rely on reliable scientific sources such as the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University, the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), AIIMS and the Indian Council of Medical Research, National Health Portal Of India, or a government-affiliated organization or expert for information.

    5) Don’t Always Stay Behind Corona Virus.

    To avoid worry and turmoil, you or your family members should not watch the news, news and videos about Corona infection in the media / social media and its consequences.  This will create emotional stress on yourself.  In addition to knowing the right information about Corona, enjoy other events.
    How To Handle Emotional Stress In This Corona Situation?

    6) Have Confidence In Yourself:

    Have confidence in yourself  Use your skills and experience to deal with various adverse situations in the past.  Be confident;  This will greatly reduce your stress.

    7) Prepare, Experience, Give Children The Right Information:

    Children as adults are more likely to suffer from stress due to coronavirus infection.  At this point, they want to hold on to their parents a little more, get upset, lie down, get upset, get angry and start to urinate in bed.  If you have such symptoms of mental stress, listen to their words, give them a little more time. Let the child play the game individually.  Keep the child with his / her parents and family in all stages of the coronavirus infection and keep them separated.  In case of hospitalization, quarantine or any other reason you need to separate, then keep in touch with the telephone or other medium and give your children regular protection.
    Provide the child with age-appropriate information about what’s going on around him and explain how he can put himself at risk. Teach your child health rules to avoid this pandemic. If the child or anyone in his family feels ill, discuss the need for hospitalization with the child, and inform them that there is nothing to fear, the doctor will take necessary measures for the well-being and safety of all.
    I hope you find this information helpful.  And advise your family members to adhere to the hygiene, just as you have to adhere to the hygienic Corona virus.  Keep yourself healthy Keep others healthy.  Good Luck!
    How To Handle Emotional Stress In This Corona Situation?

    Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Alive

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