Pushpa Vs Spiderman - Pushpa Box Office Collection - Spiderman Box Office Collection

Hello friends can you imagine that Spiderman No Way Home movie has been given not two, not 3 but 5 stars out of 5 by many creators.  In which there is a lot of platform about everything, which has given very good reviews to this movie.  And the movie Spiderman No Way Home has created a lot of panic at the box office.  He is really commendable.

Pushpa Vs Spiderman - Pushpa Box Office Collection - Spiderman Box Office Collection

Pushpa Vs Spiderman - Pushpa Box Office Collection - Spiderman Box Office Collection

So let us tell you today in this post that on one hand this new Hollywood movie Spiderman No Way Home is ruling and on the other hand the new movie of South is Pushpa The Rise 1 movie.  Yes friends, I am talking about Pushpa Movie which has also been released in Hindi language.  Not only in Hindi but this movie has been released in many languages ​​like Kannada Malayalam Tamil Telugu etc.

Allu Arjun's most awaited film Pushpa has captured the minds of the people in theatre.  Because the action sequence shown in this movie and the attitude look of Allu Arjun sir has been liked by his fans very much.  That is, it can be said that the claws that Pushpa Movie has earned at the box office are commendable.

So friends, today we will talk about the box office collection of Pushpa Part 1 movie and Spiderman No Way Home movie.  Today we are going to have a competition regarding the box office collection of both the movies, so stay tuned with this post of ours.

Spiderman No Way Home Movie Box Office Collection

Let's move ahead with the 1400 crore Spiderman No Way Home movie.  In this new spider man movie we have seen all three spider-man together.  The Spiderman we have been watching since childhood.  And this movie is getting outstanding performance not only in India but all over the world and the review coming from everyone is also very good about this movie.

Let us give you more information that Marvel Studio's superhero film Spiderman No Way Home has officially collected 32.67 crores on the very first day.  This is the exact figure that has come. Friends, let us also tell that this money has been earned by adding all the languages ​​of Spider-Man No Way Home Movie together in the theater.

And friends, this movie has broken the record held by the Avengers Infinity War film.  This too due to the occupancy of only 50%.  So friends, you can imagine that if there was an occupancy of 100%, then how this movie would have exploded in the box office and also broke the record of Avengers Endgame.

And this movie has made a tremendous collection on the second day as well.  On the second day itself, Spiderman No Way Home movie has collected 38.68 crores at the box office. This movie has been given 3264 screens in almost all the languages ​​of India i.e. Tamil Telugu Kannada Hindi including all theaters and 2D 3D all theaters together.

It is a big deal that the executives and distributors were taking this movie very seriously. If we talk about the total collection of this movie including 2 days, then this movie has earned 68.47 crores at the total box office. This is net collection and gross collection is 86 crores.

And this movie has taken the name of super hit at the box office in just two days. And if everything else is combined, the total this movie has earned so far at the box office is $ 1.536 billion.  With this the movie has also become a blockbuster hit.  Not only this, friends, this movie has got 8.8 stars out of 10 from IMDb. The total budget of this movie was $200 million.  And this movie has earned billions, then you can understand how this movie has become a blockbuster.

Pushpa The Rise Movie Box Office Collection

Now after this friends will talk with you all about Pushpa:The Rise Part 1 movie. Pushpa Movie whose lead role is Stylish Star Iconic Star and Dancing Star Allu Arjun. And in this movie, Rashmika Mandanna has played the role of heroine with Allu Arjun. The pairing of these two shown in this movie is also very nice keeping action and thriller in one side. And along with this, Fahad Faasil is also present in this movie, who has done tremendous acting.

And according to the director, this movie will be made in two parts, first you part, Pushpa The Rise which is currently running in the cinema hall and second part Pushpa The Rule. And the second part of this movie will also come in Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil language in cinema theaters.  Because the audience has liked very much this Pushpa Movie.

So friends, if we talk about the box office collection of Pushpa movie, then this movie full of thrill and drama which is of 179 running time.  And this movie has got more than 4000 screens. Including all languages, Pushpa Movie has earned 51 crores on the very first day.  Which has got a very good response by mixing 5 languages.  And this Pushpa The Rise Movie has earned a total of 326 crores so far.

So friends, there is still a lot of excitement among everyone about Pushpa movie and people are going to the theater two or three times to watch this movie.  So friends, you must have understood how Pushpa Movie has created panic at the box office.

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