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Tadap Movie Review in Depth

Tadap (2021) New Movie Review

Often movies are seen for only two things, one for the actors and the other for their acting.  Let's emphasize the third thing, the desire to see something new that you have never seen before today.  But there is also a fourth category which shines the fortunes of the film only once out of 100.  Movie songs or music.  A voice that attracts people to the theater to watch the film.  And people also got dragged to feel that voice, that music.

Tadap (2021), after the trailer of this film came out, people started praising Arijit Singh's voice more than the film.  The child knows this song 'Tumse Bhi Jyada Tumse Pyaar Kiya'.  But what is the film about, what is the story of this film and why are people saying that making a movie like Tadap in Bollywood means that there will be a flood of controversies.  I will tell completely, just keep reading till the end.

The story is of deceit.  Our hero's heart is broken.  Love is such a useless disease that has no claim and no cure.  Only the last destination is of ruin.  towards which our hero has fully grown.

But the love story was very colorful, the hero heroine had taken vows by holding each other's hand.  Two bodies are of one life type.  But then a twist with such a dangerous suspense came in the middle that the hero became the villain and the love story turned into a hate story.

For now, taking love away, the hero needs to replace his broken heart with full respect.  In which his superpower is anger.  Such an orgy is going to take place in which the entire Mussoorie city will be burnt to ashes.

But in the midst of this madness and the past, there is such a secret hidden which, along with our hero, we completely miss to catch in our eyes as well.  And when the truth comes out, the ground shakes from under the feet.

Look friends, the original film was RX 100, it changed the face of Telugu cinema.  Whoever saw such an intense, bold, raw film, his mouth was left torn apart.

So the simple thing is that if you have already seen that original film RX100, then there is no point in watching the yearning.  Re-watching the same story whose suspense has already opened means a waste of time and money.

But on the contrary, if you want to start with the movie Tadap (2021), then Boss movie is absolutely paisa vasool.  The story will be a lot of fun, a love story that you could not live without comparing each scene with your own life.

Romance is very solid, there is a new fresh couple from whom we all do not know what to expect.  That's why every scene turns out to be a surprise in itself.  After that the action is of a very dangerous level.  There is violence, there is bloodshed and fighting is also good.  And the good thing is that in this fight only hands and feet move, the car is not to be seen flying in the air.  And neither was the dialogues of nonsense.  Direct meet and punch kick start.

And in the last story, she is absolutely deceitful type.  You will feel that everything is easy, the straight path but from inside it is a complete maze.  There is not much twist in this movie, but the two-three you will get to see will spin your mind.  After seeing the friend, all the emotions that are hidden inside you will come out.

The acting in this film is amazing.  Ahan Shetty doesn't seem to be doing the first film of his career out of nowhere.  Be it a love scene or an action scene and or an eye-watering emotion, the hero has not only shown everything but has also made everything feel.

On one hand, the director had kept the look of this hero completely different and tremendous and at the same time, all the words and emotional dialogues of Aham Shetty in a heavy voice add life to the whole film.  All in all, you will not get a chance to take your eyes off the movie for the entire 2 hours.

Apart from the characters of Hero Heroine, there are also some strong characters which will win your heart.  Saurabh Shukla will bring laughter in this dark story.  His words will make your heart happy.  But the most hidden Rustom surprise is Tara Sutaria, the challenge was too big for them.  Because the heroine of that movie, which was its original film RX100, is given the highest credit for making this RX100 movie a blockbuster.

The heroine of this movie, Tara Sutaria has also tried very hard to show the same character in a more emotional and enhanced way.  The character of Tara Sutaria in this movie has been written very smartly.  In which acting is zero or hundred, it will not make any difference.  Just you want to know the story of its character.

Now the songs of this movie i.e. music makes the whole story of this Tadap 2021 movie even more emotional and attractive.  The movie may not look good but you will not be able to save yourself from the music of this movie.  In the theater, you will be tied to the seat for the entire 2 hours.

So this Tadap (2021) movie will get all 3 stars out of 5 from our Filmywap24.  One for the hot chemistry between the hero and the heroine.  Second, to bring out the fire of their love, pain, anger and revenge in the song.  For One of the best music album.  The third star will be available for the direction that throws dust in the eyes.  Which keeps the suspense of the story hidden till the end.  And half a star for the deadliest combination of powerful fight scenes and BGM.  Which makes every fight scene of this movie fun.

Talking about the negative, to make the natural row feelings feel a little less in comparison to the original film.  Those were very intense scenes, which recreating in Bollywood meant messing with Sarafat.  There is no freedom and courage in Bollywood to represent RX 100 movie by making it in any way.  And half stars are not able to show a good proper impact in their rush to end this Tadap movie.

Tadap Movie All Songs List

1. Tumse Bhi Zyada (Arijit Singh)

2. Tere Siva Jag Mein (Shilpa Rao, Darshan Raval, Shashwat Singh, Charan)

3. Tu Mera Hogaya Hai (Jubin Nautiyal)

4. Hoye Ishq Na (B Praak, Dino James)

5. Tere Siva Jag Mein (Cafe Edit)(Darshan Raval)

6. Ae Dilla Marjaaniyaan (Neha Kakkar)

7. Tu Mera Hogaya Hai (Encore)(Javed Ali)

8. Tere Siva Jag Mein (Reprise) (Mohammed Irfan, Asees Kaur)

Tadap New Movie All Details

Tadap (2021)
Director Milan Luthria
Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, Fox Star Studios
Stars Ahan Shetty Tara Sutaria
Music Arijit Singh, B Praak,Darshan Raval, Mohammed Irfan
Box office est. ₹17.30 crore

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