RRR Movie Trailer REVIEW - Full Depth Review of 3R Movie

RRR Movie Trailer REVIEW - Full Depth Review of 3R Movie

What is the function of the trailer of any movie, to excite people about the upcoming movie. Can't wait till the release date, show something like this. But 99% is the opposite.  The trailer breaks down and the picture gets ruined.  But have you seen such a thing where only one trailer can give entertainment to the whole picture? Meaning, those 2 to 3 minutes get to see something that is not seen in the remaining 2 to 3 hours of movie.

RRR A small name, but the trailer is so full of bang and ruckus that will leave you with goosebumps from today onwards. 3 minutes means 180 seconds.  And in this, even for 0.1 second, you will not feel like taking your eyes off the screen. This is where RRR Trailer becomes successful in its mission. Creating a world of a larger than life type, which we know is completely fake, but yet every single thing shown in it seems more real than reality, this is called magic.  And who is the magician?  Director head SS Rajamouli.

When everyone saw Bahubali, everyone thought that what could be better than this.  Broke all records of the film industry. But now the 3-minute RRR movie trailer has proved that Baahubali was just the beginning.  Rajamouli's real cinema is yet to come.

If you capture every single scene shown in the trailer, then any one picture from all the pictures is enough to compel you to watch the entire film. The full trailer of RRR movie is of a very natural type, that is, you will feel that just a couple of lines have been told in your ear of some incident in the valley of the olden times.

The intensity with which both Ram Charan and Jr NTR are delivering dialogues with their eyes will make you remember each and every scene.  You will never be able to forget. After that comes the cinematography, it is so tremendous that it makes Indian cinema stand right next to Hollywood.

You can make individual wallpaper by screenshotting each frame. This is the power in the direction of Rajamouli sir. The visuals are unique and unbelievable.  What we can't even imagine is showing it on the screen.

The deadliest combo in the trailer was that of NTR and Ramcharan.  Meaning, we cannot compare who is heavy on whom. Both the characters shown in the trailer are very dangerous and impactful. Especially because of making the character of Ramcharan a little gray shade, which is going to be face off, no one had spectated this between Ram and Bheem. And then in the climax of the trailer, this unbelievable action sequence really blows everyone's senses.

Now seeing this on TV and mobile, there is no idea at what level the feeling will come after watching it on theatre.

Yes, but there is one more thing that whatever Bollywood actors are in this film, they have nothing to do with the trailer, both Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhatt have failed to make anything special. Maybe it is a well thought out strategy to show these people less in the trailer.  And actually when the film comes, the character of these people in the film should be completely surprised.  Everything will be clear on 7th January.

One more thing that people will really appreciate, RRR could have been sold as just a commercial film and a lot of money would have been made but the theme of the film is a tribute to our revolutionary heroes who sacrificing everything for freedom. The trailer of this RRR movie presents this message very loud and clear.

Yes, but the BGM which was in the first teaser of RRR was used very rarely, due to which people miss it a lot. That music was not used much in the trailer.  In the trailer, the entire focus was put on the visuals only.

Come on friends, RRR Movie Trailer was absolutely great.  Now everyone is just waiting to see the film on the big screen.

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