Pushpa Movie Review - Ratings, Storyline, Hits, Blockbuster Film

Allu Arjun's New Movie Pushpa Full Review and Hits Rating 

Movie Review Ratings, Storyline, Hits, Blockbuster Film

There was a time when South's cinema was called anti-physics, anti-gravity and not knowing how many such names were used to make fun of the killing and action scenes. But then everything changed.  Powerful content of its region Telugu cinema.  Bahubali the game changer.  When the whole Bollywood surrendered completely in front of a single cinema. 

Now that same thing is going to be telecast again again.  Get all ready for that.  Telugu cinema is back and that too with new cinema.  Which cinema absolutely strong action.  Everyone must have understood that we are going to talk about Pushpa i.e. Pushpa Raj. Allu Arjun's most awaited blockbuster action and thriller film Pushpa. Which will break the all records of the box office. 

The story is of smuggling, something is going out of the forest, in return, you will get a lot of money.  So much that can change a whole life.  What's up smuggling? 

Smuggling is happening of red sandalwood. Friends, suppose this is a type of gold that grows on the ground.  Our hero Pushpa Bhaiya is the king of this land.  At his behest, the path of the forest sometimes opens and sometimes closes completely.  The police keep on chasing the poor and after that all the red sandalwood moves from one city to another.

But the king also has an enemy who is very dangerous.  But the funny thing is that there is a mask of friendship on everyone's face.  It is the most beautiful but there is a dragon inside which will not back down from biting anyone when the time comes. That is, everyone is on the lookout for opportunities.  Everyone wants to kill Pushpa and become the king of the jungle himself.

But there is also a third player in this story who does not with hands, but with mind.  And what is the most dangerous thing!  The most dangerous is the police uniform on his body. Power and respect is the complete deadliest combination.

Now coming to the point.  How is Pushpa film? So the answer is tremendous and dangerous.  Pushpa is the perfect example of what mass cinema speaks of. There is an energy feel in every scene of Pushpa movie.  The story of the film is its X factor.  Very dark and very serious.  By slowly wrapping our brain from all sides, it finally blows our senses.

Pushpa's character is shown with full detailing.  Who is there, where did he come from, how did he move forward, is shown in a very complete way. While watching the film, you go into another world for 3 hours, which you know is completely fake, but the strong storyline of the film leaves no stone unturned to make Pushpa more logical and believable. 

There are so many characters in the film, which are more than one, with all of them a strange feeling is attached.  Evil, Unpredictable and Dangerous. There is no idea who can do what.  And the action of this film is of top level, absolutely raw and natural.  Hand to foot punch kick plus meet.  But each scene is so powerful that it can shake every seat from the back of the theatre.

There is not only action and thriller in the entire movie, you will also get romance in between.  Everything is not only an action but also has songs but also item songs.  But everything is connected, nothing extravagant has been forced, which weakens the grip of the film. 

Look friends, the whole game is about direction.  Otherwise, it is not easy at all to keep the audience sitting in the theater for 3 hours in today's time.  But here in the film Pushpa does not feel like taking a break even for 1 second.  Director Sukumar has already planned that Pushpa has to be divided into two parts.  That's why it takes the first part forward in such an interesting way that you forget everything and just want to know what happened to Pushpa!

And after that the thing that made this film equal to films like KGF, the villain of Hero's collision.  Dangerous face off.  A one-of-a-kind battle in which there is no guarantee that the hero will win or not. And the amazing thing is that who does not even know who the real hero is.  The climax of the film is literally going to give Goosebumps. 

You must have seen so much emotions and energy till today at the end of any film.  And this is not the end.  This is the beginning of the second part. 

Allu Arjun, Oh My God! What a performance! This actor made Pushpa a reality.  Allu Arjun is not there in this film, only you will find Pushpa there.  Hearing the words of Pushpa i.e. Allu Arjun gets scared and also feels like clapping.  This actor has played a complete rule in each scene. Fighting, romance, comedy, tragedy in everything 10 on 10. This is called a complete actor.  We all got back 100 times what we expected.  He is not one of the actors who needs to speak long and wide dialogues to be a hero.  His eyes are enough to convey his heart to his audience.

Fahadh Faasil is not in the film for a long time.  But when he hits enter in the story, the whole story just follows his instructions.  Challenging Allu Arjun in Allu Arjun's film, no other actor can do it except Fahadh Faasil. 

To play the character of the police as a goon, there should be tremendous creativity for this, it will be clearly visible in Fahadh Faasil's performance.  Whether he is a villain or a hero, it is very difficult to decide. 

Rashmika is also good and essential to the whole story but at no point does it feel like she is the most special in the entire film.  It has just been presented as Pushpa's girlfriend.  After this, that is, in the second part of Pushpa, perhaps Reshmika's role may become more important. 

Also know how is the Hindi dubbing of Pushpa movie.  No one will have much trouble, it will be a lot of fun.  Yes, maybe Allu Arjun's original voice and the power of his voice will not be found.  But Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade has tried very hard to present Allu Arjun's voice even a little bit. 

Now there are two things about which I would like to tell more.  Firstly, no one knows why the film is being forcibly brought down.  It is very wrong to create controversy by false negative reviews and falsehoods.  Good cinema should not be brought down by telling such lies.

From us, Pushpa movie will get 4.5 out of 5 stars.  First star will get for tremendous direction.  The movie is very big, it is of 3 hours but it is worth the full money.  Second what a great casting.  Allu Arjun is in the lead character and hit actor and actress have been kept in the rest of the supporting characters.  And everyone's acting looks very realistic.  And the police brother i.e. Fahadh Faasil in Pushpa movie, is absolutely killer type acting.  The third star is found, keeping this movie in the center, for how the small story has been added from all around it.  And the mind reaches the center only through those small stories.

That is, all the small stories are very important to reach the Ishq Center.  Fourth, action scenes designed like a romantic song.  Which has tone and emotion and also has amazing visuals.  Which is called absolutely perfect mass cinema.  And get half a star in the climax for the unpredictable face off of hero vs villain.

In the climax, the bums really come in, to know who is heavier than whom, one has to put effort in the mind.  In the negative, half a star will be cut to make the screenplay of the second screen a little slow and forcefully lengthy in order to divide the film into 2 parts. 

See friends, the film is very funny, when you watch it, you will enjoy it a lot and one thing this film is far ahead of Bollywood.

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