Bob Biswas Movie Review - Full Story Depth Review (

Bob Biswas Zee5 New Movie Review in Depth

Bob Biswas Movie Review - Full Story Depth Review (

If you like watching suspense thriller movies.  That too of Bollywood, so brother, you must have heard a name, 'Kahani'.  This is one of the few movies that can break the pride of any clever person. This film tells lies by putting eyes in our eyes and we become fools with great love.

Do you remember a man with glasses in that movie?  Who came to kill the heroine. But that guy went away making the audience his fan in return. Tell the truth friends, did you realize then that it would have been nice if you had a chance to hear the backstory of that man. And it would have been nice if a separate film was made on about this guy!

So friends, Zee5 is here to fulfill your wish. Because Zee5 is going to accept your prayers. A different movie on the same man 'Bob Biswas' has come out on Zee5. Just the face has changed a bit but the tasks are even more dangerous and scary than before.

Our hero is back after an accident.  Has been in a coma for the whole 8 years in a hospital. The only problem is that Bob's mind has become forgetful. The memory of our hero is gone and has become as if he was born today. The old people also look like new and the new ones give a completely alien feeling.

But in this story, two more men bring a twist. Who keeps an eye on Bob from day to night for 24 hours. One day the same people kidnap Bob in the evening and take him away. After that they introduce Bob to a bitter truth.

Actually Bob Biswas is not an ordinary person, it is a moving killing machine.  A serial killer whose target has never been empty till date. Just like Santa distributes gifts to everyone in Christmas, our Bob, be it a child or an old man, distributes death to everyone as a gift.

And now it's Bob's turn to get back to work.  Which is the only way to get back his lost memories. After which what is true or what is false, the curtain starts rising slowly from above.

Friends, the movie "Bob Biswas" is very interesting.  Because its concept is quite new.  Original and powerful.  This film is not even a remake of any South film, nor is it a shortcut to make money by making a biopic.

In any movie it is easy to choose between hero and villain.  But if the villain is the hero and the hero is the villain then whom will you choose? How can a man who kills people just for the sake of time pass and tortures them to death, how can he be the hero of a story?

Writing a positive story around a negative character by keeping it at the center is a top level creativity. Bollywood needed such a thing long back. The second most amazing thing is the direction.  Means finding comedy in a person's tragedy is the most difficult task of all. Fresh red blood will be shown in the scene but still you will laugh.

Turning someone's death into a laughter challenge makes the film even more special.  
The film has been directed in such a way that you will start putting yourself in the place of the hero. Which is really awesome direction.

Surprises come in the last, meaning such twists and turns that we cannot even imagine. The character which we feel that it will eventually turn out to be the mastermind will end in the next scene. This means he is killed in the very next scene. And the person whom we see that we feel that it is completely innocent and on whom we feel pity, it changes its color like a chameleon. “Expect The Unexpected”. Somebody will be killed and some will become immortal.  You will not be able to guess this at all.

According to Filmywap24, this 'Bob Biswas' movie will get 4 out of 5 stars. One star, for a mind-blowing direction. Second Star, to cleverly run this story in reverse gear. Third star for Abhishekh and his supporting characters. And Last Star, for the screenplay that turns tragedy scenes into a comedy-like feeling.

Talking about the negatives, half star will bite to make the film slow.  Meaning that you have to watch the movie calmly. You will have to wait to see the real scenes of the film, you will not get anything instantly. And the half star will be cut, what was the actual story of Bob Biswas?  Why did he become a serial killer?  In this way, many questions remained incomplete.  Meaning that the real question, the real desire, which people want to know, was not paid attention to.

Leaving all these other friends, if we talk about the film, then the film is good.  After a lot of days, the audience will get to see a movie with such a cool original story and screenplay.


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