Atrangi Re Movie Review - Akshay Kumar, Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan

Atrangi Re Movie Review - Akshay Kumar, Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan

It's been a long time, watch a Bollywood movie that will tinker with your mind a bit.  Specially a love story.  The love story in which apart from the boy girl and the item song, a secret twist suddenly appears as a guest.  Then just wait is over.  “Atrangi re” is live on Hotstar.

This story is as simple as it looks from outside and it looks like a jalebi from inside.  Mistakes in which your mind will get stuck badly.  It is different, it is definitely something new but it is your job to find out whether it is good or not.

The story begins in the streets of Bihar where her heroine is preparing to disappear with her lover forever after being chased by family members.  But exactly the opposite happened.  Because the groom himself is brought to the house ready for them.  Kidnapping is done and then the marriage is done so that the girl cannot spoil the name of the family.  And quietly reach the in-laws from the maternal home.

The Kazi agrees, but the boy and the girl consider this marriage to be completely fake.  And as soon as Delhi reaches Bihar, Tata decides to do this new relationship bye bye.  But the twist in the story is that the lover of his heroine, whom his heroine has been falling in love with for 14 years, is only visible to him.  Whereas for the rest of the world he can speak missing i.e. ghosts.

So it was just the beauty of an unusual love triangle.  With humans and a human and a ghost type human.  No one knows who this person is from where he came.  But when the truth comes out, everyone's senses fly away.

Look friends, Aanand L Rai is a very clever director, always taking the risk of doing something new in every story is his favorite soak.  The story “Tenu Weds Menu”, “Ranjhanaa”, even “Zero” was not good but the film did not turn out well.  The subject of the movie “Atrangi re” is very fresh and completely different.  But the film will not give a real or real feel at any one place.  Even some scenes that should have been serious, which just remain a joke. Sara Ali Khan, who has based this whole story, her performance is good or bad, finding the answer is as difficult as clearing the IIT exam that too in the first time.

Do not know when acting turns into overacting, you will not even be able to know.  Sara Ali Khan's Bihari expressions, which appear only 5 to 10 minutes after the beginning, disappear after that.  Yes, if you want to watch the film for full 2 ​​hours, then it is only the music of legend A R Rehman. Unique and straight to the heart as always.

Another good thing is Dhanush's performance.  A Tamil character who is very simple at heart but number one lover in love.  The one who collides alone with the times.  The role given to him matches exactly 101% of his personality.

Seeing him in a Bollywood love story after Ranjhnaa will really give a special experience.  He acts in such a natural way without any effort, you will just keep watching. Akshay Kumar's role is supporting.  The role is small but very important.  They don't really have much to do.  Sit quietly and work to turn the story on his gestures.

The emotions and the story that we keep in mind in this film has nothing to do with it and at the same time there is no such dialogue in this film which we all remember after the film is over. Mixing Tamil with Hindi and mixing Hindi with Tamil, which will make you laugh once but you will forget the story thinking about the story you start watching the film.

Atrangi Re will get 2.5 out of 5 stars from our Filmywap24.  The first star will get to present a normal love story in a slightly different way.  Music of the song “Little Little” by AR Rahman and Dhanush.  You will not get full but you will be able to enjoy it. And gets a half star for the film's honor saver climax.  Without which Atrangi Re would have remained a minor love story.

After that the first star will bite, for Sara Ali Khan's extravagant and loudly unnecessary confusing acting.  Secondly, for not being able to present the issue of mental health in such a realistic and genuine way.  There is a lot of work logically and emotionally.

And half a star will be deducted, for very weak writing.  Neither love will be felt nor the sound of heartbreak. Iconic dialogues of Ranjhnaa type were sorely missed.  Have you not seen the movie "Atrangi re" yet?  Will definitely see it.  Because if you are a fan of Dhanush, then you must also wish to see Dhanush in Bollywood.

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