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Aranyak Web Series Review

Have you heard the story of the male leopard? Which is half human and half leopard.  The one who comes out only at night on the day of lunar eclipse and kills humans and drinks their blood. After drinking blood, the body is found hanging in the middle of a tree. Along with this, large claw marks are also found in the neck of the corpse. On hearing this, we get scared, then if this story is shown in front of the eyes as a movie, then how will the atmosphere be, fear will be everywhere.

One such web series has been brought by Netflix, which name is Aranyak. The entire eight episodes of this webseries are going to test our mind. 

A hunter whose prey is the whole city, but you guys have to find out when whose turn will come. The story of Cirona, a city in the middle of the jungle. Where the dates of the calendar move forward peacefully for 19 years.  But then a new inspector is transferred in the city.  This Inspector sahib has a different old life of his own. To get rid of it, they want to resort to the streets of the city of Cirona. 

But as soon as bad luck comes to the city, they get acquainted with a dangerous murder case.  The body of a tourist girl who came from abroad is found hanging among the trees of the forest. In solving this case, Inspector Sahib is helped by the old Inspector Madam of the city, who is on leave for 1 year. But this Inspector madam has been waiting for similar case in whole life.  So many big cases and that too in such a small city. So that's why madam does not want to miss such a case. Everyone is suspicious of the male leopard itself. Whom no one has seen till date, but in the story of the story, he is still alive inside the mind of everyone.  

It is believed that he has again set out on his hunt after 19 years. But the twist comes on this story when it is not a male leopard but a black leopard first attacks on the house of Madam and later on Inspector Sahab. Due to which both of them are saved from dying. 

Everyone gets scared thinking that the one who saves the city himself becomes a victim of an animal.  Aranyak's X-Factor is its twisted and complicated story.  Which keeps the suspense completely intact for the entire 8 episodes for the ending. Nothing will be understood before the episodes are completed.  Yes, but the show makers will keep giving you hints step by step so that you yourself can find out the climax of Aranyak. 

Due to this, every second our brain keeps running continuously. For this, you will automatically start searching for hints in your mind.  The build up starts straight from the first scene without wasting any time.  Slowly all the characters are introduced in the story.  And you will start doubting all the characters by mixing every hint inside your own mind. That is, every person who will be shown on the screen does not think that he is a murderer, no question arises. Everyone doubts who is playing the real game.  That is, all the people are shown like this. Amazing writing that differentiates between truth and falsehood. Then politics completes the remaining work.  On one hand people are dying in the city and on the other hand people with power in the city are fighting with each other.

No matter who wins this battle, the sacrifice will always have to be made by innocent people. This political angle makes Aranyak's story even more dark and serious. But friends, not only the leaders but also a lot of ego has been sown inside the police people. Because both police madam and sir want to prove themselves better than each other.  There will be such twists in the story when you will be forced to think that the police is in turmoil, they are adamant on humiliating each other by closing the case. 

In the same way, the police kept busy in the game of humiliating each other and the male leopard kept doing its work. One story and many more stories behind it. When the connection between everyone is revealed in the final climax of Aranyak, everyone's senses fly away. 

The truth was in front of the eyes but no one would be able to catch it.  The most amazing is the casting of Aranyak.  Each and every actor has been selected with utmost skill.  Those actors whose name is small but the work is very big.  Parambrata Chatterjee is a very gifted actor who can present any role just like this.  Smart but emotional.  Balancing the past and the present, it is a tremendous talent to lead the show. 

Then the come back of Raveena ma'am had to be effective and strong.  In the entire eight episodes, he did not drop the hill actios and excitements even for a full 1 second. Completing the screen with Prambrata isn't easy at all.  But Raveena ma'am is so involved in every scene that without her it would be impossible to imagine this series.

After this comes the side characters of the series.  Their thing is different.  These small special characters have worked to make this Aranyak series special. There are many characters that are played with the mind of the audience by using them in the right place at the right time.  Everyone's acting is so tremendous that you have to accept the leopard story as true. 

In the end, if we talk about the place i.e. the forest, it brings a different suspenseful feeling in the heart. That is, whenever you remember this story in your mind, that forest will definitely show you a little fear. Seeing this forest, the eyes definitely get relief, but the mind gets stuck in a complete maze.  And the beautiful view of the hill behind the city and in the middle of the whole mountain and forest, this city has been made a very beautiful natural scene. 

So friends, Aranyak gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from our side. One star for a mind-blowing story.  Gets the second star for the terrific writing that makes great use of every small but fabulous characters. The third stars get for the acting performances, Raveena and Parambrata in the lead and the rest in supporting characters have done everything amazing. Gets the fourth star for the direction.  Which maintains the suspense for even a single second in the entire eight episodes. The remaining half stars will be given to make this male leopard story feel more realistic. Half of which was done by the forest and the mountains. 

Talking about the negative, then the negative point is cut to show some extravagant heroic scenes and illogical scenes in the ending.  As if only one person fights with everyone.  It spoils the mood a bit. 

In the end, I would like to tell you that if you have seen the Asur web series before this and have liked it too, then do not miss the Aranyak Webseries. Same suspense, same thrill and same brain labyrinth like Asur web series, it will be a lot of fun watching the web series. 


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