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Prithiviraj New Upcoming Movie Teaser Review

Prithiviraj New Upcoming Movie Teaser Review

Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment, That is The first thing comes to mind after hearing the name of cinema. But apart from this, not only entertainment, cinema also has another power, it can five thousands of crores of people together in just a few hours. For this, only such a subject is needed, with which the emotions of the public are associated. 

Friends, when it comes to emotions, there can be no greater emotion for our Indian than patriotism. Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan, such a name written in history, on hearing its name, our head rises high towards the sky. Now finally, efforts are being made to revive them in front of our eyes. 

Till today, we have only read about them in books or heard brave stories from the mouths of people, but now we will get this opportunity to know their life closely. A never forgotten experience. Bollywood's One of the Most Finest Actor Akshay Kumar will play the lead character. And will be seen giving a special tribute to India's most valiant mighty warrior.

The teaser of this film is loud, tremendous and scorching hot like fire. From sword fighting in the teaser to the echo of Har Har Mahadev, it seems that we have stood amidst the soil of Rajasthan.  And then the powerful music that has been given in the background of the teaser is making the teaser of this film stand out from the rest of the Bollywood films.

Especially because of the amazing casting that has been done, due to the same casting, the excitement for the film has increased even more.  Sonu Sood, the national hero of his country, whom his fans like very much both inside and outside the cinema, his role will also be important in this movie.

And the picture of the girl given in the poster, from whom the eyes will not be able to take away, is of Miss World Manushi Chillar.  Those who have once made our country number one in the whole world, now they will be seen acting wholeheartedly in the world of cinema too. Yes, one thing may knock you a bit that super legend Khiladi actor Akshay Kumar has not been able to do full efforts to Prithviraj Chauhan's acting in this teaser. 

Looking at the teaser of this film, it seems that Akshay Kumar is not giving his 100%.  That is, it seems that Akshay Kumar is giving only 50% of his.  And it may also be possible that the entire teaser has been made like this but when the film is released, it will be of a different type. 

There is also an important thing that making a film like Prithviraj Chauhan in our Indian cinema exposes Bollywood completely. The colorful banknotes that are tied in the eyes of big people may be opened after this film.

Often, to make a Bollywood film, they chooses the subject in which our history is presented in a completely fictional manner.

There is not even 10% truth in these films.  But there will definitely be a controversy due to which there will be a conversation among the people about the film, then people will go to the theater and spend money. And all these film makers will become rich. 

Whereas how many years did it take to make the story of a brave warrior like Prithviraj Chauhan.  And this is not only alone, in the history of our country, a name will be found on every page whose blood runs the breath of India.

At least the beginning of this legendary journey of Indian cinema was first Tanaji and then Prithviraj Chauhan.  Finally, Indian cinema is getting those names, knowing about which we have got respect for the country more and more times in our hearts.

So friends, tell us in the comments that how did you like the review of this teaser and how much you are going to like the upcoming film Prithviraj Chauhan and whether you have the excitement of watching this film or not.

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