83 (2021) Full Movie Trailer Review in Details - 83 Movie Trailer Review 2021

Upcoming Movie 83 (2021) Trailer Review in Details - Ranveer's New Movie 83 Trailer Review 2021

83 (2021) Full Movie Trailer Review in Details - 83 Movie Trailer Review 2021

You have heard about time travel, it means going back and forth in time.  Everything seems like a joke, doesn't it?  Such a little life can going u-turn.  But now everyone will be sure.  Must have seen the trailer of his upcoming Bollywood film '83 (2021)'.  The trailer of this movie is really so real and emotional that the time has almost gone back 40 years.  And the small room of the house has become a big cricket ground.

Cricket is the biggest weakness of every Indian and everyone is deeply connected to it.  And 1983 means '83' that year which has given both respect and recognition in the whole world.  But the time in 83 was such that there was no big screen of TV and there was no such thing, only the sound of the radio was the biggest support to listen and feel any show.

But now there will be a chance to see and feel that victory with live eyes.  We have all seen the photo of that victory of that time and have also heard a lot of story about it.  But was that victory easy, was it to be a victory or was it something else.  Today we all will get a chance to know this because of this 83 (2021) movie.  In this entire movie it will be shown how the way to reach that victory passes through twists and turns.  We all are finally getting a chance to see all that on the big screen.

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Ranveer Singh is an actor of a different category.  Will keep searching throughout the trailer.  But that person with strange colored clothes will not be found anywhere.  Kapil paaji will be shown in this film, this champion cricketer knows how to dream big and how to make it come true, he also knows very well.

The special moment is that interview screen which exactly brings back memories of Kapil paaji of 83.  On one hand the villain of Padmavat and on the other the real hero of cricket.  Ranveer has different forms, just reads the need of a good director to bring him out.

Despite that, one good thing felt that the camera in the entire trailer is not only on Ranveer but on the entire team.  Cricket is a team game that's why highlighting only the captain would have been unfair to cricket.

The actors who fit in each and every player have been selected very hard.  And her look has been presented by making it perfect.  Not only the trailer of this movie, but the entire team has been highlighted in all the posters that have been taken out so far.  Which is a very good thing.

But in this film everything is not going to revolve around cricket only.  Along with professional, personal life will also be shared in this 83 film.  In which real life couple Deepika Padukone is going to play the role of Kapil Paaji's wife.  It will work to give relaxation in the tense atmosphere.  The role of Kapil Paji's wife will be small but very important.

The biggest challenge for films loan would be something else.  Millions and crores of people all know what happened at the end of the story of 83.  So everyone knows what is going to happen in the end.  That is why the ending of this film will have to be made strong but emotional so that people can sit in the theater and enjoy it till the end.  Like it happened in Shershah movie.  In that movie, everyone knew that Pakistan is going to lose in the end, but the ending of that movie was made so strong and emotional that the condition became really like Dil Mange More.

The trailer of the movie 83 (2021) was tremendous, now it remains only to know the full story of the film.  But the film was completely closed in the trailer itself.  Meaning that the story of the entire film has been fitted perfectly in the trailer.  What will happen in the beginning of the story, what will happen in the middle and what will happen in the last, everything has been shown in the trailer itself.

People will go to the theatre, but the tension and the fun of miracle scenes that should have been enjoyed only in the film, if you see everything in the trailer itself, then the excitement will fade a bit.

Together, the film is going to be tremendous, because in this the tension, enthusiasm, emotion and condition of our Indian team in 83 will be known.

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